Forced Lesbian Face Sitting

Forced sex has been an attraction to many as sex as a routine has started to bore many. The law of nature is something different when compared to that of what we are following right now. The concept of a single partner is not necessary a rule in nature. But due to our customs, traditions, culture and society it has become mandatory for humans. With a single partner who is set on an ideology it is never possible to try out everything new so many people resort to adult videos, pictures and stories when it comes to fantasies as they can be hardly tried out in real.

In this case forced sex is something out of question as forced sex is against the laws of the country. Wherever you are, you are not allowed to hurt or victimize others for your pleasure. But our mind hardly seems to hear this and we are keener on what we want. The porn industry has made perfect use of this and made videos of using every fantasy which one can think of and forced lesbian face sitting is one of them. These are not only made simply to attract viewers but also portrayed as real time incidences to attract everyone.



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